Corrections & Updates

The Moon Morocco Guidebook hadn’t been out for more than a week when I found out that one of my favorites restaurants in Essaouira, Elizar, had just closed! This is the big draw back to having something printed on paper when you travel. With that in mind, I thought I would list some major corrections and updates as I continue to explore Morocco with my guidebook in hand.

  • Casablanca (Quartier Habous, pages 43 & 45). The street name should be Boulevard Moulay Idriss I (sted: Boulevard Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah). Thanks to Mike Bernhardt for the correction. You can follow him and his wife on their adventure through Morocco here:
  • Casablanca: Bocca di Lupo, is now the tasty tapas joint by the name of La Esquina. (161 Blvd Rachidi, tel. 0522/229 879,, daily 11am – midnight, 150Dh).
  • Casablanca (Airport Taxi, page 51). If you’re going to take a taxi to/from the Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca, it’s going to cost 300Dh now (not 250Dh). The price has gone up a little bit with the newer grand taxis around the country. For more on this, check out: Getting There.
  • Essaouira (Food, page 75): Elizir is closed! I can’t tell you how sad I am about this. I’m going to have to find a new favorite restaurant in Essaouira now. Their Italian-Moroccan fusion menu will be missed!
  • Larache (Intro page 143): The Arabic should read: العرايش (not لارش). My bad.
  • Asilah (Food, page 154): I should probably include Casa Pepe (just outside Bab Al-Kasbah across from the Tchikaya U’Tamsi Garden, tel. 0539/417 395, daily, noon-11pm, 80Dh) for a good place to grab a bite while you’re in town. They always have a delicious seafood paella on offer and the restaurant is a staple of Asilah, having been in the same family for generations. The location right outside the medina is convenient and the waitstaff are always friendly. It does tend to get packed on the weekends and during high season, so be prepared for a bit of a wait.
  • Fez (Food, page 247): La Mamia is closed. It was the best pizza in Fez. The search for a new favorite pizza joint in Fez is on! Stay tuned!
  • Meknes (Sights, page 255): The Dar Jamaï Museum is undergoing extensive renovation and is temporarily closed. It should be open sometime in 2018… inshallah. 🙂
  • Meknes (Sights, page 256): Like the Dar Jamaï Museum, the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail is temporarily closed for renovation and should be open sometime in 2018.